What our clients say

Each time we have worked with Philolingua the experience has been completely satisfactory.
The style and content of every piece of work has been of the highest quality, and translations have always been returned punctually, even when the turnaround time was very short. Furthermore, Philolingua has always made every effort to respond to our special requests (such as a requirement for a sworn translation). We have found a partner we can rely on in the translation industry.

Aurore-Emmanuelle Rubio, Lawyer, Cabinet CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre

PhiloLingua is notable for the speed and quality of its services, both translation and proofreading, all efficiently performed with remarkable attention to clients’ requirements.

Michela Malpangotto, Researcher in history of science, CNRS (Centre for Scientific Research)

PhiloLingua responds to our translation requests (into English and Spanish) in a speedy, efficient manner. We order a global « envelope » of words and draw on these as and when required. This allows us to dispense with the need for a specific quotation, which means Philolingua can respond very fast. Moreover, and this is the most important point, Philolingua fully understands the specialised nature of the difficult vocabulary used in our sector of higher education and scientific research.

Stéphane Boucart, Editorial webmaster, Télécom ParisTech

We chose to work with PhiloLingua because of the quality of their services, their ability to respond speedily to requests, and the fact that they are capable of taking on urgent translations and keeping to the agreed deadlines.

Patrice Boché, Sales Director, Morpho

A fast response to all requests and what is more, high quality translations, particularly adapted to our sector of activity. Deadlines are always met, highly professional, and best of all, it’s service with a smile. We will certainly be renewing our contract.

Coralie Jacquet, Field Manager, LLH

We give Philolingua all our educational content translations in the sure knowledge that they always meet deadlines, their translations are accurate, and that they invariably respond quickly. The Philolingua team enable us to supply high quality educational content all over the world in 12 languages.

Gaël de Linares, Co-founder of Les Trois elles Interactive